Exploring what it means to make art as everything changes.WORDS BY ANNA MARIE SHOGREN Bela Lugosi’s Dead are, perhaps, our loved ones, our teachers, our inspirations, our past selves. So, now, what does it mean to make live art? What’s it any good for? Isn’t there something else we should

The garbage-pop duo celebrates their 20th wedding anniversary and a new EP. WORDS BY KATIE DOHMAN Trash Catties is a married couple, Manny and Jennifer Catties, who play electric violin and bass, respectively. And this month, they’re celebrating a new release and their anniversary at the Turf Club. We sat

A celebration of scream queens, classic creeps, gratuitous gore, and horrible hauntings is here.

Minnesota Dance Theater does what it does best on its 60th anniversary: Dance.

Even if you studied music past your middle school classroom, you’ve probably only heard…

What do you call an exhibition of an artist’s lifelong works when they’re still in the throes of their career?

“I used to be a lot cleaner and a lot nicer,” says Bryan Miller. One of the very best Twin Cities comics of the past decade is recording his very first solo album this weekend at Acme, and he’s not holding back. Despite having a Dry Bar Comedy special that