Local cartoonist/singer-songwriter Matt Latterell debuts his new animated sitcom Hamby. Born out of his popular Instagram series, “Ted Cruz From Memory,” in which Laterell drew the sad-sack senator on a series of Post-It Notes, the premiere of the new series will include a night of “laughter and songs” with friends

Francis Ford Coppola created an American epic with this adaptation (in a sense) of Joseph Conrad’s novel, Heart of Darkness. A film wrought with myriad production issues from Martin Sheen’s heart attack to budget issues to Brando being Brando (or is it Dennis Hopper being Dennis Hopper?), it inspired a

A little terrier named Max (voiced by Patton Oswalt) gets a little neurotic and protective when a new human child enters the picture. After a trip to the doggie shrink, Max and his family visit a farm where he encounters an intimidating sheepdog named Rooster (voiced by Harrison Ford in

The Trylon is paying tribute to an iconic actor this month with the wonderfully titled Peter O’Toole Is In Full Control–And Totally Off The Rails. O’Toole was a young stage actor doing Shakespeare when the 1962 title role shot him into stardom among a timeless cast, including Alec Guinness, Omar

Enjoy free admission for the Super Mario Brothers Movie at the Plymouth Emagine Theater as they raise funds and food for Union Gospel Mission. Heart for Hunger night includes complimentary popcorn and soda are also offered with a donation. Suggested food items to bring include rice, cake mix, oatmeal, granola

Need to get the kids out of the heat for a couple hours on a budget? Emagine Theaters are one of several chains offering a kids summer series. 2016’s Trolls is a modern classic that has inspired many repeat viewings for kids and parents alike—the soundtrack features truly cross-generational appeal—and

Everything is just a little too perfect in the world of Barbies and Kens and the Alamo wants to know if you have what it takes to party like Barbie! At this special interactive Barbie Party screening, there will be themed props and a special hot pink drink available (naturally),

It’s the monthly installment of Tape Freaks at the Trylon! The first Wednesday of each month, guests file in unsure of what they’re about to see, but secure in the fact that the curators have dug deep and have their entertainment needs in mind. A great way to chill in

If you’ve never taken in the freaky full-length prequel to the original Twin Peaks series, tonight you can do so at your own peril at Grandview. Before meeting her untimely demise, we get a glimpse of who Laura Palmer was as strange events unfold in the small Northwestern town. Chris

Grandview screens a restored and re-edited director’s cut of the 1984 debut film from St. Louis Park’s own Coen brothers. A small-town Texas bar owner finds out his wife is having an affair with one of his bartenders and hatches a plot to kill them. But murder is never that…simple.