FRI-SAT: A film of Lou Reed and John Cale performing live their entire Songs for Drella—a song cycle dedicated to Andy Warhol …

For the cover of the May issue, DISPATCH used a still from the new documentary Move Me, one of the selections of this year’s Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival. In it, performer with a disability and first-time filmmaker Kelsey Peterson tells her engaging and emotional personal story: At 27, she

Rodan! King Ghidorah! Mothra! And of course… Gojira! For May the Trylon rounds up the fabled atomic-age monster and all its enemies, friends, and enemies who became friends for a series that presents the fantastic and fun early kaiju-fests from Toho Studio’s go-to director, Ishirô Honda. A protégé of Japanese

Film fans already had more movie screenings than they could attend. Now with the (re)opening of St. Anthony Main movie theaters as MSP Film at the Main, they have even more—and even cooler—cinema options.  Screens scattered across the metro reserved for under-the-radar films. Easy access to repertory theater. Multiple festivals

We weren’t kidding when we said there’s something for everyone in the Minneapolis – St. Paul film scene, from action flicks and artsy retrospectives to doggie docs and loud concert cinema. Some of these screenings are more than just sitting for a showing, they’re whole evenings of entertainment! If there’s