In its fifth year of providing instruments, education, and other support to musicians in Mexico, Central America, and the United States, Music Mission celebrates with the debut of the documentary Capeyuye, in support of the Mascgago community in Northern Mexico. Live music at Rok Eatery will be provided by the

What’s a kingdom to do when its heirs keep getting kidnapped? Bring in three mysterious women with powers, of course! In the 1993 Hong Kong film The Heroic Trio, Wonder Woman (no, not that one), Thief Catcher, and Invisible Woman team up to defeat the Evil Master, the one behind

The Main Cinema welcomes the archival film festival “Il Cinema Ritrovato On Tour” tonight through Saturday. Opening night begins tonight at 4:30 with a free lecture from Pamela Hutchinson titled “The Future of Film History.” A silent double feature follows with Béhula and Salomé at 7. THURS 5/11, $12, All

Presented by Sound Unseen and Found Footage Festival, the Trylon hosts a double feature that documents a seven-year stretch in the life of Minneapolis musician Dan Cleveland and his band Dark Horse. The documentaries show “the gritty reality and stranger-than-fiction comedy of an aspiring rock star” and were popular in

Starring Hong Kong pop cinema star Maggie Cheung, 2000’s I’m In the Mood For Love follows two new tenants of an apartment building whose spouses are having an affair. The beautiful film, set in 1962 Hong Kong, has held audiences captive since its shining debut at the Cannes Film Festival.

Tonight’s presentation by Cinema of the Macabre at Emagine WIllow Creek is 1981’s Bloody Birthday, which takes on the “killer kids” mini-genre of the ’80s. In this case, it’s three children born at the height of a solar eclipse who, ten years later, go on a murderous rampage. The showing starts

With practical effects galore—more like practical effects gore!—this week’s Cinema of the Macabre will turn your tummy with killer giant Canadian rats fed on steroid-laced corn that attack an entire town. Too gross? You’ll be able to tell the killers are actually Dachshunds in rat costumes, which makes the movie

It’s that time of year again, the return of the packed Minneapolis-St.Paul International Film Festival, April 13th-27th. It’s both a great time to see some of the hundreds of selected films in the fest and also become a member of the MSP Film Society (which gets discounts on the film