Words by Sanaphay Rattanavong UnderCurrentMPLS, the off-the-cuff experiment turned Twin Cities music culture depository, originated from its Founder Gravey’s very human desire to hold on to a fleeting cultural moment. “I got an iPhone for the first time that recorded somewhat decent video,” he says. “I was going to shows

Words by Sanaphay Rattanavong Minotaur, Off-Lease Area’s (OLA) newest work that includes contemporary dance and mask performance, appears to be a highly complex creature indeed. According to OLA Co-Artistic Directors Jennifer Ilse and Paul Herwig, their shows typically start more from a visual image as opposed to a concept. Herwig

The agony, the joy, the suffering, the success . . . putting art out into the world is never an easy thing. But how is it after the fact, when what you make has been out there for awhile? On the one-year anniversary of the release of his lauded work

Mary Lucia’s final afternoon shift on The Current may be the last ever big broadcast for MSP. It’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll, but we’ll miss her. Here’s why… by Isabelle Wattenberg Talk to anyone who has tuned into Mary Lucia—longtime Minneapolis radio DJ and general music maven—and the phrase that

“In a system dominated by the illusion of White Supremacy, there is a need for the affirmation and celebration of those who exist on the margins.” ~Afropunk The first-ever AFROPUNK festival in the Midwest stands out for a variety of reasons. In Minneapolis-St. Paul, the home of Prince, there’s more

Is it commentary? Not really. Is it art? Likely. Is it hilarious and wildly popular? Definitely yes and yes. The most popular word-of-mouth modern art attraction at the Walker Art Center has recently become the Walker Art Center Teens Art Council’s (WACTAC) Instagram page, a collection of intentionally absurd and

When the first-ever Northern Spark festival debuted, people almost couldn’t handle the conceit. An arts festival all over town that went all night? Now in its 11th iteration, festival goers understand the draw—and the importance of participating with forward-thinking arts in this pandemic-tinged world. “People need people, they need community,”

by Patrick StraitWhen you Google someone’s name, a list of predictive words and phrases will pop up in the search (as if you didn’t already know from Googling yourself).  Comedian Atsuko Okatsuka is an accomplished writer, actor and standup comedian. But the first thing that pops up when you Google

“Honestly, I’ve only gotten more unhinged with each show,” Wanna see someone have a nervous breakdown on stage this week? Cara Connors has you covered.Currently in the midst of their first national stand-up tour, Straight for Pay, Connors is an absolutecomedy mercenary. They have been leveling audiences in towns all