DISPATCH offers up a six-pack of tried and true seasonal entertainment options to make the most of our all-too-short summer season.  Fourth of July always feels like a turning point of summer, but don’t fret—there’s still plenty of summertime left in Minneapolis-St.Paul! The trick is not to let indecision (“I

Making art in Minneapolis-St. Paul happens in the shadow of Prince. DISPATCH encourages everyone to grapple with the Purple One’s output, especially his later work. WORDS BY KATIE DOHMAN + TAYLOR CARIK Many discussions rage through the offices of DISPATCH: What is Minneapolis-St.Paul as an arts outpost? What’s important to

An inside look at the upcoming Theater Mu production, The Kung Fu Zombies Saga: Shaman Warrior & Cannibals WORDS BY ISABELLE WATTENBERG When you think saga, what comes to mind? Adventure, beauty, tragedy, acts of love, acts of betrayal, beauty, and spirituality? How about some zombies? If your answer was

The next chapter in the hiss-tory of mixing tapes includes many Twin Cities record stores, vintage stores, and home stereos.  WORDS BY TAYLOR CARIK German rockers Scorpions released Love At First Sting in March of 1984, Madonna’s True Blue came out June of 1986, Janet Jackson went into seclusion at

What we talk about when we talk about public art with curator Joe Ellis. WORDS BY CHLOE GALLAGHER “I won’t stop painting ’til l the world looks the way it should” —Typical Cats “It jumped off the walls,” Joe Ellis recalled over coffee at Wuolett Bakery, describing his first encounters

 A Taste of Minnesota musical preview—plus memories of years past.   WORDS BY CHLOE GALLAGHER While I’ve only lived here a couple years, I’ve managed to enjoy many of the archetypal Minnesota summer activities: mosquitoes, Juicy Lucys on the patio, and seeing friends come and go “up North.” But due to

Top chefs bring their top treats to Taste. WORDS BY CHLOE GALLAGHER KCM Eggrolls Made from family recipes passed down through generations, KCM offers a diverse array of authentic Vietnamese food, from the indulgent to the fresh and healthy. If you’re looking for something refreshing, there’s a rice noodle salad.

Meet the featured restaurants and chefs who’re putting the taste into the Taste of MN WORDS BY ISABELLE WATTENBERG There’s a lot to sample at Taste of Minnesota—music, art, and, of course, the food. In addition to the beautiful cohort of food trucks on hand to feed attendees, five restaurants

The stars of F1RST Wrestling want you to taste their fists at Taste of Minnesota WORDS BY PATRICK STRAIT There are a lot of must-dos if you live in Minnesota—the State Fair, Twins games, and bottoming out your car in a lake-sized pothole. But over the past several years, a

How a “trans-glam-punk-rock story” is helping write history–and an example of commitment through the ups and downs of a marriage. WORDS BY KATIE DOHMAN  Lynette Reini-Grandell was not used to pledging to write 1,500 words a day or writing chronologically. She’s a poet with punk roots who’s been nominated for