The milestone makes for a perfect opportunity to celebrate one of the hardest working (and nicest and most talented and… ) people in the Minneapolis-St. Paul music scene. Words by Sanaphay Rattanavong Doc embodies one of their main approaches to the arts: a mixtape sort of person who sees things

South Minneapolis neighborhood radio station KRSM is a true musical gem, just like one of its hosts, the multi-faceted TaliaKnight. Words by Sanaphay Rattanavong When Minneapolis-based TaliaKnight (Natalia) signs on to Zoom, she’s half framed by sun-drenched house plants that, if you squinted, could be mistaken for bioluminescence. One of

Caterwaul /ˈkadərˌwôl/ Verb To make a shrill howling or wailing noise like that of a cat. Noun A new music festival that will happen yearly in Minneapolis over Memorial Day Weekend featuring underground/noise/divergent bands from across the globe that is put on by Learning Curve Records and Seismic Waves Entertainment.

Sometimes you feel like trash but you’re not trash. You’re gonna make it. Take care of each other. Try-try-try-try. The messages in artist Bekah Worley’s art are as explicit as they are supportive. And while they can apply to a variety of viewers in a variety of situations, the mantras

The iconic black box theater gets its new set-up… set up ahead of the essential New Works 4 Weeks Festival. For almost 35 years, the Red Eye Theater—under the watch of Artistic Directors Steve Busa and Miriam Must—provided a home for new performance, the kind of important experimentation and collaboration

Comedy comes in all different packages, and it doesn’t necessarily fit in traditional comedy spaces. So says the Spit Take Comedy Series, which has since 2018 brought some of the best talents from all over the country—including Sarah Sherman (AKA Sarah Squirm), Johnny Pemberton and Ikechukwu Ufomadu—to perform outside of

Film fans already had more movie screenings than they could attend. Now with the (re)opening of St. Anthony Main movie theaters as MSP Film at the Main, they have even more—and even cooler—cinema options.  Screens scattered across the metro reserved for under-the-radar films. Easy access to repertory theater. Multiple festivals

One reason why Minneapolis-St. Paul guitar slingers sound so good, Wyatt Overman and his signature bird logo are crafting his new nest.  “Sorry, let me clean that quick.” Wyatt Overman quickly grabs a paper towel and window cleaner to clear up the glass panes on the door to his new

Brenda Tran is decompressing with some post-event relief. Banana Leaf Collective, a group of design and media creatives of which she’s a member, just hosted their first multi-disciplinary showcase at their cozy co-op studio above Dangerous Man Brewing in Northeast Minneapolis.  The evening—part party, part fundraiser for the studio—included a