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The Charlatans UK and RIDE

THURS. 2/9 7 PM. $35. 18+ // Catch The Charlatans UK and Ride as they take First Ave’s Main…

More Weds // 2/8

Music from the ’70s, music from now.

Ready or Hot

WEDS. 2/8 7 PM. $50. 18+ // For the first time since 2020 (and what a time to come back), the…

A Soldier’s Play

WEDS. Starts 2/8 various times. $43+. All ages // Charles Fuller’s 1982 Pulitzer Prize-winning thriller…

More Tues // 2/7

A tribute to Sade a night of comedy.

More Sun + Mon // 2/5 + 2/6

David Bowie, Bush, and more.

Great Northern Festival // 2/5

Learn about cold plunges, wood art, and Dakota culture.

More Sat // 2/4

Gallery openings and local shows.

Great Northern Festival // 2/4

The Loppet Winter Festival returns.

Minnesota Brewsology Beer Fest

SAT. 2/4 7-11 PM. $50-$65. 21+ // Remember the magic of going to the science museum on…

Doggie Depot at Union Depot

SAT. 2/4 10AM-3 PM. Free. All ages // The Winter Carnival’s celebration of pets is back in full swing…

Wednesday: The Drag Brunch- Minneapolis

SAT. 2/4 various times. $17 // Whatever you feel about Wednesday Addams, she is undoubtedly an icon.


Reports on Arts & Culture

The Making of a SuperGroup

Exploring what it means to make art as everything changes.WORDS BY ANNA MARIE SHOGREN Bela

Trash Catties Furever

The garbage-pop duo celebrates their 20th wedding anniversary and a new EP. WORDS BY KATIE

Cities of Schlock

A celebration of scream queens, classic creeps, gratuitous gore, and horrible hauntings is here.

Six Decades of Dance

Minnesota Dance Theater does what it does best on its 60th anniversary: Dance.

How Thomas Søndergård became the new Minnesota Orchestra Music Director

16 people, four years, and a lot of listening resulted in the Danish designate.

The Toxenes Keep the Beat Going Across State Lines

For most rock trios, losing a core member to a different city would spell the end of the band.

A New Sound

Even if you studied music past your middle school classroom, you’ve probably only heard…

We Are Working All the Time!

What do you call an exhibition of an artist’s lifelong works when they’re still in the throes of their career?

Bryan Miller’s Album Recording at Acme

“I used to be a lot cleaner and a lot nicer,” says Bryan Miller. One



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