From Dallas to New York to Chicago, Chelsea Hood has staked her claim as a “hometown” comic in pretty much every part of the country. Now living in the Midwest, she recently performed at the Limestone Comedy Festival, and was chosen as one of the Best of the Midwest at

What’s better than a night of standup comedy? Standup comedy where you can blast comics with squirt guns. That’s exactly what you’ll get at a very special edition of the Ladies Night (with men) Comedy Showcase and Super Soaker Open Mic. Starting at 7 PM, host Max Chapman will allow—or

Laurie Kilmartin is an open book. Over the course of her 30-plus years in comedy, we’ve heard her discuss everything from the birth of her son (and raising him as a single mom), coping with the death of her parents, and the unequal treatment of women in the world of

Whether you know him as Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development or stan his early sketch comedy work on programs like Mr. Show, chances are you’ve laughed at a David Cross joke. Performing stand-up since he was 17, Cross has been nominated for two Emmys for best comedy album, and boasts

Sure, you can see amazing standup comedy in Minnesota all year long. But when was the last time you saw comedy while you were wearing shorts? Comedian Ulysses Zackery leads a squad of comedy killers into Broken Clock Brewing for the latest installment of his “Now That’s Funny” Comedy Show.

Rev. Matt’s Monster Science presents Diamond’s Are a Monster’s Best Friend. Twin Cities comic superstar Lauren Anderson, along with Rev. Matt, will delve into “the monsters of gems and jewelry, and the gems and jewelry of monsters!” Enthusiasm about precious stones and weird 70s childrens’ television is guaranteed. THURS 7/6,

There has never been more of a self-made comedy success than Adrian Washington. Whether he’s talking about his family, his dogs or life on the road, Washington has built a fanbase thanks to his unpredictable and off-the-cuff approach to comedy. By his own admission, Washington has never performed the same

If, like many of us, you spent a lot of quarantine time spent in your pajamas, binging comedies, and enjoying a cocktail, then the Bryant Lake Bowl is your spot to be tonight. It’s the Pajama Party Comedy Show, hosted by Justin Johnson! Headliner Maggie Faris, along with guest comedians

Stand up for your furry friends! Tonight at the Underground Music Venue, Lahiru Samarasinghe hosts six comics who are doing sets to raise money for the Animal Humane Society. With Derek Meyers, Tido Maldonado, Aron Woldeslassie, Malory Manderfield, Lucy Beers Shenk, and Gabby OK. THURS, 6/29, 8 PM, $5/$7

Nate Craig sets up shop tonight at Acme for six sets running through Saturday. In addition to his stand up career, he can be seen as Phil on the Netflix series Maniac, and has written for A Prairie Home Companion. WED 5/24, 8 PM, $18-$33, 18+