Ladies Night Comedy Showcase and Super Soaker Open Mic

What’s better than a night of standup comedy? Standup comedy where you can blast comics with squirt guns. That’s exactly what you’ll get at a very special edition of the Ladies Night (with men) Comedy Showcase and Super Soaker Open Mic. Starting at 7 PM, host Max Chapman will allow—or dare we say, demand—the audience to dampen some of the funniest up-and-coming comics in the Twin Cities during the Super Soaker Open Mic. Love a comic? Blast them with water? Don’t like them? Keep blasting! After everyone has dried out, Cianna Violet will host the showcase portion of the evening, featuring favorites such as Sofia Bisbocci, Shyloh Blake, and Ellie Hino. While the night should be packed with laughs, the chaos alone is worth the price of admission. FRI 7/21, 7 PM, $10, 21+