Ever wanted to capture some of that Death On the Nile energy? You’re in luck. Fearless Comedy presents the latest installment of their Mystery On the Mississippi series. Part theater, part social event, attendees float down the river on the Jonathan Padleford while helping solve a murder mystery. The interactive

Not exactly networking or speed dating, the Break the Bubble series returns to spark a conversation. Show up, throw on a name tag, and meet someone new. A theme will be suggested at the event, but anyone is welcome to strike up a conversation and enjoy your java. SAT 7/29,

Formerly held at the now-closed Roseville location, the state’s biggest one-day Tiki/Surf party comes to the OG Grumpy’s in Northeast. Surf bands, vintage cars, tiki drinks, artists, and Polynesian Food all add up to a big kahuna kind of day. SAT 7/29, 1 PM, Free, 21+

Minnesota country legend Sherwin Linton celebrates his 84th birthday at Crooners by paying tribute to one of his great friends, The Man In Black. Though he is careful to make the distinction between buddies (see 1971’s Hello, I’m Not Johnny Cash), Linton is certainly on this state’s Mount Rushmore of

Remember when all of our favorite pop mega stars were part of pop mega groups? When Timberlake was telling us “It’s gonna be me” and Beyonce was an independent woman even though she had two other women in her group? Go back in time to when you had to buy

Local cartoonist/singer-songwriter Matt Latterell debuts his new animated sitcom Hamby. Born out of his popular Instagram series, “Ted Cruz From Memory,” in which Laterell drew the sad-sack senator on a series of Post-It Notes, the premiere of the new series will include a night of “laughter and songs” with friends

Cuban conga superstar Yolanda ‘Yuya’ Rodriguez joins Charanga Tropical for a special concert repertoire at Crooners. Rodriguez recently was awarded the highest award at the Festival of Tambor as Cuba’s best young percussionist, making this one-night pairing hot as a Havana night. THURS 7/27, 8 PM, $25-$35, All Ages

Francis Ford Coppola created an American epic with this adaptation (in a sense) of Joseph Conrad’s novel, Heart of Darkness. A film wrought with myriad production issues from Martin Sheen’s heart attack to budget issues to Brando being Brando (or is it Dennis Hopper being Dennis Hopper?), it inspired a

Saint Paul Parks and Recreation, Frogtown Radio, and Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project present the Saint Paul Getdown, to showcase some of the best young hip-hop artists in town. The event in Mears Park will see performances from GoldiLock, KashTripleSix, Skippy Stone, HtheDreamer, and Enzy Rose. WED 7/26, 5 PM,

A little terrier named Max (voiced by Patton Oswalt) gets a little neurotic and protective when a new human child enters the picture. After a trip to the doggie shrink, Max and his family visit a farm where he encounters an intimidating sheepdog named Rooster (voiced by Harrison Ford in