The Toxenes Keep the Beat Going Across State Lines

WORDS BY Ira Brooker

For most rock trios, losing a core member to a different city would spell the end of the band. But the Toxenes aren’t most rock trios, as evidenced by them taking the stage at Hook & Ladder and embarking on a European tour, despite bassist Ariel Dornbush relocating to Nashville. “We’ve made it work because we stay in contact,” says guitarist Monet Wong. “We’re good friends in addition to being in a band together.”

Along with drummer Madalyn Rowell, Wong and Dornbush create an infectiously energetic sound falling somewhere in the trash-garage-surf-punk-psychobilly orbit. (Wong says “a blend of Childish/Medway influences and The Cramps” is a fairly accurate description.)

While the bandmates’ remote locales don’t allow as many hometown gigs as they’d like, Wong says they couldn’t have a better venue. “Because [Hook & Ladder] is staffed largely by volunteers there’s a real community vibe that runs throughout. We are psyched that our only USA show this year is going to be at The Hook, and we get to open for one of our fave bands, punk legends Agent Orange!” The Toxenes head out on an 11-city tour of Spain and Portugal immediately after this show, so don’t miss a rare chance to catch them on their home turf.

Agent Orange with The Toxenes, Low Rats, and DJ Rock The Monkey
Hook & Ladder
October 1, 6 PM.

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