Drum Roll Please …

Steve Gorman, the former Black Crowes drummer and radio DJ, takes over the KQ Morning Show and dishes about the past—and what he’s learned.

• • •

Who had bets that when Tom Bernard left his legendary (err, infamous?) seat at the KQ Morning Show that the drummer from the Black Crowes would take it? But in December 2022, Bernard was out, and by January of 2023, Gorman had slid in with his booming, friendly voice.

Gorman hasn’t ever been a stranger to commercial radio, even besides Black Crowes hits. His father operated a radio station when Steve was in high school, planting an early seed. In 2010 he launched his podcast, Steve Gordon Sports!, and then in 2013, he joined Fox Sports Radio. In 2019, the Steve Gordon Rocks! launched as a syndicated radio show on Westwood One affiliates, a path that led him to waking up the Twin Cities everyday.

He sat down with another vaunted voice, Mary Lucia, at Ed Ackerson’s iconic Flowers studio to record DISPATCH’s Very First Podcast Episode to dish about his view from behind the drum kit, what it’s like being the youngest of eight kids and how that translates to being in a band, and the unassailable cool of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

To get the whole shebang, DISPATCH will release a two-parter episode, because it was just That Good, on SoundCloud. You get the first part on us, just this time, and the second part is just for our supporters—just one of many perks DISPATCH offers its Regular Readers (and listeners!).

Give it a listen:

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