On Location

Mapping out your whirling weekend.


Whether you’ve been going since the beginning or you’re just now ready to discover the many studio gems scattered around Northeast Minneapolis, here’s a list of some of the places to try to cover during your Art-a-Whirl weekend. Because the festival is so widespread, and there are so many artists and events to see, this isn’t comprehensive by any means, but it’s a good selection of starting places before whirling all over the celebrated Arts District. 

If this seems like a lot of ground to cover, don’t worry: Metro Transit is offering free transit passes and there’s the famous Trolley that’s an attraction all on its own. Or you can roll out on your own two-wheeler. (No, seriously, take’em, because attendance keeps going up and, well, parking spots don’t.)

Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson St NE

This is the big one! No matter where you plan to go for Art-a-Whirl, be sure to include a trip through NKB and be sure to plot out plenty of time for the many, many different studios that are open. 

Solar Arts Building

711 NE 15th Ave

The heart of the party, Solar Arts features curated studios plus its massive open upstairs area that transforms for the weekend. It’s also got Indeed Brewing on the first floor to make it ground zero for fun festivities.  

Casket Arts Building

681 17th Ave NE

Tucked away in the neighborhood, Casket Arts is actually three historic structures – the Casket Arts Building, the Carriage House, and the Factory, and there are so many wondrous artifacts, objects, and artworks to behold inside. 

Q.arma Building

1224 Quincy St NE

Right in the vicinity of NKB and Solar, the Q.arma building includes a regular roster of artists, businesses, and studios—and brings in lots of additional fun for the weekend.

California Building 

2205 California St NE

One of the first studio buildings in NE Minneapolis, the sprawling California building is home to dozens of artists and their studios (and MOJO Coffee!).   

Artspace Jackson Flats 

901 18 1/2 Ave NE

An artist community known for their hip shows, Jackson Flats turns it up even further for Art-a-Whirl Bazaar. 

Thorp Building

1618 Central Ave NE

Once used during World War II as a manufacturing site for the Norden Bombsight, today the Thorp Building on Central is home to a variety of artists who occupy studios both large and small.