This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Dark and Stormy Productions, led by Artistic Director Sara Marsh…

By Mary Lucia  This move has never felt like an ending, though. I’ve always been a good friend to Rock and Roll, and in turn, it has always been there for me. Hey Ho Let’s Go! Last April, after 28 years working in the cock-a-doodle-dude world of radio, I took

Not all heroes wear capes. Take, for instance, Jordan Erickson, an intrepid movie-goer, smartly spent a big chunk of his summer at the cinema to fill up all of his punchcard for the Trylon’s massive Nic Cage: National Treasure series. DISPATCH checks in with Erickson after his envious achievement. DISPATCH:

New role, new artistic style, new grant, new exhibition: Jodi Reeb has a lot to talk about.

WORDS BY Erica Skarohlid•••In preparation for the first Play Reading Festival at Six Points Theater last spring, festival director Robert Dorfman read more than 40 different plays to select three that were then presented virtually in March of 2022. Groupthink, by Mathew Goldstein, was one of them. Now, starting August

It’s not just the who of skateboarding, it’s the where. Here’s a few shots from Alex Sveda that highlight the many settings of MSP’s skating from August issue #6 Cities of Skate: More On Deck(s): A single issue of DISPATCH isn’t going to capture everyone and everything that needs highlighting