Over the weekend of June 9-11, filmmakers of all levels of experience and pedigree are tasked with writing, shooting, and editing a short film that will be shown tonight at the Parkway. Since 2001, the project has been an annual film competition that assigns a genre, a character, a prop,

Long before Katy Perry came along, Jill Sobule’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’ was the first openly gay-themed song to hit the Billboard Top 20. Since then she’s had a prolific songwriting career, continuing with her latest album, Nostalgia Kills. Spreading into the theater world, Sobule has done a number of

How a “trans-glam-punk-rock story” is helping write history–and an example of commitment through the ups and downs of a marriage. WORDS BY KATIE DOHMAN  Lynette Reini-Grandell was not used to pledging to write 1,500 words a day or writing chronologically. She’s a poet with punk roots who’s been nominated for

The Twin Cities are catching My Morning Jacket at just the right time. Fresh off another memorable set at Bonnaroo (more or less a home turf gig for the band; they’ve released live sets from the fest) they’ll be ready to fill the Palace Theater with their soaring, reverb-drenched melodies,

Eels ride the Lockdown Hurricane tour tonight to First Avenue. Named for a song from their 2014 album, the name is apt for a whirlwind tour in the post-quarantine era of live music. “E” (aka Mark Oliver Everett), blew the collective minds of the music world several years back at

When was the last time you saw Oz on the big screen? Ever? This week, The Heights has your chance for their annual screening of the 35mm Technicolor Dye Transfer print of the 1939 classic. Dorothy (and her little dog, too) join up with the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and

Three queer dance party series that help us celebrate queerness year-round—here’s a bit about who they are and where you can dance next. WORDS BY ISABELLE WATTENBERG Daddy Issues Attend a Daddy Issues dance party (and you should!) and you’ll be welcomed into an inclusive, come-as-you-are, decked-out space with music

Besides his bass duties in The Dexateens and Drive-By Truckers, AND running the Mississippi-based label Dial Back Sound, Matt Patton has strapped on the guitar and fronted Model Citizen on and off for the last 25 years. More like The Who or a southern Hüsker Dü than say, Skynyrd, the

In the late ’70s and early ’80s the hardcore punk scene bubbled up from the sidewalks of Southern California’s underground like a vicious, viscous petroleum spill. Two founding titans of the genre, Descendents and The Circle Jerks, will take the stage at Palace with support from contemporaries The Adolescents. The