The Ski Jumpers Book Launch: Peter Geye in conversation with Lorna Landvik

TUES. 9/13 7 PM. $15-39.
Celebrate the release of Minneapolis native Peter Geye’s fifth novel, The Ski Jumpers, in conversation with Peter Geye and Lorna Landvik. Follow the life of ski jumper Jon Bargaard who’s determined to tell the story of his family starting with his father escaping to North Minneapolis from a Chicago gangster. However, when Bargaard receives a life-changing diagnosis, he’s forced to reckon with his family’s painful past in an attempt to heal. As he delves into his family’s past, he becomes suspicious of the stories he was told growing up that caused a devastating rift in his family. Bargaard’s journey to unearth the truth flashes between his past and present, exploring the bonds of family and love. Geye’s beautiful, lulling writing envelops the reader and transports them into Bargaard’s world.

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