Samuel R. Delany

Rain Taxi is honored to celebrate one of the great writers of our time, Samuel R. Delany, with a special conversation broadcast live during the AWP Conference in Philadelphia. An acclaimed writer whose works have fundamentally altered the terrain of science fiction through their formally consummate and materially grounded explorations of difference, and who has also made voluminous contributions to literary theory, queer literature, memoir, and more, Delany addresses topics such as sex and sexuality, race, power, literature, and art in two new anthologies of essays, talks, and interviews, Occasional Views Volumes I and II (Wesleyan University Press). These collections richly display Delany’s trademark towering intelligence, and you get to pull up a chair from the comfort of your own space as we present the author in conversation with writer and historian Lavelle Porter. THURS, 6:30 PM, via crowdcast. Free, registration required.

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