Photo Spread: Kick, Switch, Grind

It’s not just the who of skateboarding, it’s the where. Here’s a few shots from Alex Sveda that highlight the many settings of MSP’s skating from August issue #6 Cities of Skate:

More On Deck(s):

A single issue of DISPATCH isn’t going to capture everyone and everything that needs highlighting from the skate scene. From the essential role played by Familia as both an Uptown shop and indoor skate park at their Northeast HQ, to the new cafe and shop FORUM (in the former Anelace space) from eco-conscious skate company PILLLAR, to the new non-traditional skate trail at Gateway Park in St. Paul, to the burgeoning Queer Skaters MN group, it’s no wonder that groups like Red Bull are calling the Twin Cities “Skateboarding’s Best Kept Secret”. Yeah, we know!

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