It’s not just the who of skateboarding, it’s the where. Here’s a few shots from Alex Sveda that highlight the many settings of MSP’s skating from August issue #6 Cities of Skate: More On Deck(s): A single issue of DISPATCH isn’t going to capture everyone and everything that needs highlighting

In comparison to cities of similar skateboard populations, the Twin Cities lack quality skateparks. Could that change in the near future? By Tiffany Lukk Since skateboarding was created nearly 70 years ago, it’s served not only as a sport, but as a source of where people could gather and find

As a part of Issue #6’s feature on ‘Cities of Skate’, DISPATCH checked in with Corey Bracken, founder of PILLLAR, a Minneapolis-based skateboard company focusing sustainability. Not only that, the company also took over the former Anelace space by Lowry and Central in Northeast with the new Forum cafe, complete

Words by Sanaphay Rattanavong Being the only girl at a skatepark would make one stand out, for sure. But about six years ago, Minneapolis-based Ellen Puls, then in her third year of college, decided to take up skateboarding in earnest at the age of 21. “I always wanted to as

Editors’s Note: When DISPATCH launched, people told us to take a look at the strong “state of skate” here in Minneapolis- St. Paul. To capture the scene, we brought in Alex Sveda—top notch skater, photographer featured in Thrasher, and DJ as Slamdunkapher—to provide this issue’s editorial direction. Here’s his own