King Princess

SAT. 10/15 6:30 PM. $35+.

Brooklyn native King Princess is an indie-pop singer-songwriter who rose to prominence with her 2018 debut single ‘1950.’ She released her debut studio album, Cheap Queen, in 2019 to universal acclaim. In her music, King Princess explores gender and sexuality from a queer feminist point-of-view, told with sultry, soulful lyrics that often wrench the listener’s heart. Her queer anthem, ‘Talia,’ tells the story of heartbreak driven by a partner who is “long gone and out of reach.” While her music falls within the indie-pop genre, King Princess’s vocals are deep, rich, and passionate. She captures the emotions of heartbreak and queer love flawlessly. Her newest album that she is performing on tour was released just this summer, reflecting on depression, friendship, and experiencing the music industry as a woman. Special guest St. Panther compliments King Princess’ musical style, capturing “raw feeling over a hypnotic hybrid of soul swagger, jazz eloquence, and hip-hop heat.”

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