Suwichakornpong-fest continues! In partnership with FD13, the Walker welcomes award-winning filmmaker Anocha Suwichakornpong for a month-long residency in Minneapolis. In addition to the screenings of two of Suwichakornpong’s recent films—By the Time it Gets Dark and Come Here—the artist will premiere a newly commissioned performance, FREETIME, related to her forthcoming feature. FREETIME centers on the character of Muk, a young Thai woman who seems to live across several centuries of Thai history. The performance takes place during the political period of official Thai history known as Rattanakosin (1782–present) and references such events as the Siamese revolution of 1932 and the coup d’état of 2014. As in her films, where the artist collaborates with actors on multilayered narratives that engage with Thailand’s violent past and ways its history is remembered, this new work builds on ways performance is used as a self-reflexive tool for grappling with the impossibility of representing the past. SAT, 7 PM. $12.

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