Field Notes: 7 Truths About the Rural

WORDS BY Tiffany Lukk

For those who’ve grown up within an urban area like the Twin Cities, their idea of what a rural area looks like may not be entirely correct. That’s where From + Content’s latest exhibition, Field Notes: 7 Truths About the Rural, comes in. Co-curated by multidisciplinary artist Sandra Menefee Taylor and photographer Ellie Kingsbury, the exhibition will feature seven artists from across the non-urban midwest, who share their own experiences of non-urban America through various mediums, including mixed media and photography, creating an “opportunity for urban dwellers to understand that rural to urban is not a divide, but a continuum.” 

Featured artists and their work include:

  • Laura Youngbird’s mixed media art brings to focus her Native American family members who were forced into boarding schools, stemming from her grandmother’s upbringing. 
  • Multidisciplinary cultural worker Mary Welcome has photographed more than 1,000 post offices for her project, God Bless the USPS, and this exhibition shows a collection of rural post office photographs.
  • Teri Power uses her art to look into the environmental effects of fracking.
  • Visual artist Andrew Nordin created a series of abstract paintings originally inspired by rural architecture.
  • Jeffrey Morrison, Inspired by his family’s farming background, uses his multimedia art to dive into agricultural-related issues.
  • Visual artist Matthew Fluharty will detail journalism in small towns.
  • Multidisciplinary artist Lisa Bergh dives into “cerebral and aesthetic weight of our internal, emotional worlds” through her work.


Field Notes: 7 Truths About the Rural, Nov. 17-Dec. 23
Form + Content Gallery, 210 N 2nd St #104, Mpls

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