DISPATCH presents . . . Yaphet Kotto

The son of Cameroonian royalty, Kotto was raised in the Bronx by his grandmother. Acclaimed on stage and screen, he spurned typecasting and took only the meatiest and most complicated roles. These cop films from the ’70s showcase Kotto’s brilliant performances and highlight the role of the individual in a corrupt system. When two small-time crooks knock off the mob for $30K, the case is assigned to the hard-bitten Mattelli (Anthony Quinn) and idealist Lt. Pope (Kotto), who must solve it before a gang war rips Harlem to shreds. Across 11th St is a searing critique of police corruption and racism. In Report to the Commissioner, an undercover officer is found dead, murdered by a rookie policeman in the apartment of a drug kingpin. This gripping police procedural follows veteran Detective Blackstone (Kotto) as the events unfold. Friday, August 5–Sunday, August 7. $8 each.

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