DISPATCH presents: Babysitting Adventures

The weight of responsibility truly hits when the adults leave you in charge of other kids. Sure, it sounds easy enough. Order a pizza and chill in front of the TV, right? Well, let’s say you have to leave to help a friend? Or do the dishes? What do you do then?!? The Trylon kicks off April with a double-header of babysitting adventure!

DISPATCH presents . . . When an uptight elderly babysitter croaks, teenager Swell (Christina Applegate) fills in during her mom’s extended vacation. Heartfelt, funny, and endearing, Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead gained its loyal following on cable television, but it deserves to be seen in the cinema. In Adventures in Babysitting, Christopher Columbus’s first film, babysitter Chris (Elizabeth Shue) must head into the Windy City with the kids, while pubescent Brad (Keith Coogan) rescues her from dating an adult man. Why stream the edited PG version online when you can see it on 35mm with all those fun F-bombs intact? Friday, April 1ST—Sunday, April 3rd. $8 each.

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