There’s always something recognizable in the unknown, like a painting that is at once familiar and exotic. Minneapolis-grown but LA-based indie-rock group Elle PF captures this phenomenon by melting a dense classical training with an experimental creativity, leaving us with a grungy, thought-provoking fusion. Their anticipated sophomore album, I Woke

The son of Cameroonian royalty, Kotto was raised in the Bronx by his grandmother. Acclaimed on stage and screen, he spurned typecasting and took only the meatiest and most complicated roles. These cop films from the ’70s showcase Kotto’s brilliant performances and highlight the role of the individual in a

The king of Ozploitation cinema, Trenchard-Smith built his career by crafting entertaining and dangerous cinema—including these two rare gems featuring some of the greatest stunt work of the ’70s. In The Man From Hong Kong, Inspector Fang Sing Leng (Wang Yu) is called to Sydney to extradite a drug courier