The Score podcast is one outcome of the Minnesota Opera’s commitment to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion. Hosted by three Black, queer artists and staff members, the podcast explores opera from an anti-racist, anti-oppressive lens, bringing in voices and perspectives from within the organization and across the country to discuss

Rodan! King Ghidorah! Mothra! And of course… Gojira! For May the Trylon rounds up the fabled atomic-age monster and all its enemies, friends, and enemies who became friends for a series that presents the fantastic and fun early kaiju-fests from Toho Studio’s go-to director, Ishirô Honda. A protégé of Japanese

Spit Take—the vital performing arts series from co-founders Megan O’Meara and Jeffrey Niblack that delivers the country’s best comedians, actors and performance artists to audiences in Minneapolis and St. Paul—has been busy these past few months commissioning new work from three up-and-coming performers. And with Spit Take’s track record of