DISPATCH presents . . . The Man From Hong Kong + Stunt Rock

The king of Ozploitation cinema, Trenchard-Smith built his career by crafting entertaining and dangerous cinema—including these two rare gems featuring some of the greatest stunt work of the ’70s. In The Man From Hong Kong, Inspector Fang Sing Leng (Wang Yu) is called to Sydney to extradite a drug courier (Sammo Hung!) to Hong Kong, but the courier is killed by the mob. The mob didn’t count on Jimmy Wang Yu! See this great Australian-Hong Kong collaboration on the only known 35mm print in the U.S. Also . . . A musical in the key of danger, Stunt Rock follows stuntman Grant Page, playing himself, as he creates a show for the band Sorcery. The most fun you’ll have all summer. July 29-31st at the Trylon! $8 each.

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