DISPATCH presents … Cults

SUN. 8/28 $21-25. 21+.

Two core musicians—and college friends—power the band Cults and their instantaneously catchy and vibrant repertoire: singer Madeline Follin, whose sound is youthful but full of conviction, and Brian Oblivion, multi-instrumentalist and secondary vocal. Together, their vibe is a beautiful mixture of lovers’ angst and girl pop energy. Their latest album, 2020’s Host, showcases Follin’s foray into songwriting and brings in guest instrumentalists on trombone, cello and percussion to add new heights to their sound. The result is an energetic, often melodic playlist. Their return to the Turf Club is a welcome one, as is the addition of opener Reptaliens, dreamy pop from the partnered duo Bambi and Cole Browning out of Portland.

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