Cellular Cinema 58: THE END

Since starting in 2014, the wonderful curated indie film night Cellular Cinema has delivered to the Bryant Lake Bowl cabaret some of the coolest collections of moving images, including CCV: Basement Media Festival or CC’s CAVE (Cinematic Audio Visual Experimentation) Film Festival to the Chicago Edition: Water Works and many more. In fact, Cellular Cinema hosted over 50 monthly screenings, curated four film festivals, and showed the work of hundreds of amazing experimental filmmakers, video and performance artists. Now, rather than let Cellular Cinema slowly fade out, organizer Kevin Obsatz brings together a final night of news experimental film and video work, on the theme of Closure and Endings, by artists who have been Cellular Cinema regulars and recurring guests all these years. A can’t miss event for art and film fans. SUN, 7 PM. $8.

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