Armin van Buuren – LIVE

SAT. 10/8 $45+. 18+.

Trance music. Progressive and electro house. Dance-pop. Armin van Buuren will wake you up and electrify your mind. Van Buuren is a popular Dutch DJ known for his dance anthems that are featured from bars to Bar Mitzvahs. He got his start DJing at a club several times each week, playing sets that lasted six hours or more. He’s since moved on to playing sold-out shows that never fail to seize the audience. If you aren’t familiar with trance music, it is a genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that emerged in the early 1990s out of the German techno and hardcore music scene, characterized by hypnotic melodies that build into peaks, prompting a drop that makes listeners go wild. For those not into the intense EDM scene, van Buuren offers an entrancing middle ground that toes the line between EDM and pop.

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