Arab Film Fest Closing Night: Outdoor Screening + Celebration

SUN. 10/2 6:30 PM. Free.

Moon Palace is a cozy, independent bookshop perfect for a movie night celebrating Arab filmmakers. This year’s theme, Life in Diaspora, “engages and interrogates SWANA diaspora as an experience and filmmaking practice.” The closing night of Arab Film Fest will screen The Gravediggers Wife, by Khadar Ayderus Ahmed. Following a family in Djibuti City, father, Guled, is a gravedigger working tirelessly to take care of his family. When his wife, Nasra, falls ill, Guled searches desperately for a solution to keep his family together. Khadar Ayderus Ahmed is a Finnish-Somali filmmaker who has directed several short films that have been screened at global film festivals. The Gravediggers Wife is Ahmeds’s directorial debut. Moon Palace will host the closing night celebration; make sure you don’t miss seeing this heart-wrenching film.

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