Violent Femmes with The Breeders

On the cusp of their 40th year, Milwaukee-based Violent Femmes are bringing their dry, devil-may-care sound to Saint Easy’s elegant Palace Theater. The band has maintained a furious touring schedule despite the frontmen living on different sides of the world (Tasmania and the U.S.), and their latest album, 2019’s Hotel Last Resort, represents their desire to combine and connect traditional American music with the occupations and issues of our present day. First Ave bestows on the band the delightful description of ‘front porch folk,’ which is aptly indicative of the carefree, joyful elements that run through their songs. Suffice to say, they invite a rollicking good time. Alt rockers The Breeders join them to start off the evening with high energy. SAT. 8 PM. $45-75.

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