No Thanks, Vogue

How could a high profile fashion magazine like Vogue possibly gaslight a big chunk of MPLS? Do a lengthy fawning profile of Mayor Jacob Frey. The write-ups, which will be in March print, includes a lot of fun personal tidbits—his legit accomplishments as a competitive runner, his parents were both modern ballet dancers—and skips over some key pieces of recent history like, oh, his PAC-backers flooded the city with messages that there would be no police, crime spikes, and lawlessness if he wasn’t re-elected as a ‘strong mayor’. Or that the only officer disciplined after police hunted protestors post-George Floyd murder was a whistle-blower. Or that the city was littered with signs that said Jacob Must Go! But we guess it’s cool that he swears off-the-cuff. Teen Vogue would never pull this.

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