The Hitchcock Festival: The 39 STEPS in 35MM

THURS. 4/6 7:30 PM. $12.
Richard Hannay (Robert Donat) is a Canuck visiting London, catching a music hall show. Shots ring out. A mysterious woman faints into his arms. Back at her flat, she mentions something called the 39 Steps before a knife is thrust into her back. Grabbing a map of Scotland from her cold hands, Richard hops a train to Scotland, where is the pursued and the pursuer, as a nationwide manhunt is out to find him as he is out to find the secret of the 39 Steps. Widely considered the first of Hitchcock’s great entertainments, The 39 Steps is a must see on 35mm. “Oh, my God, what a masterpiece.” – Orson Welles. Playing at the Trylon.