The 13th Hitchcock Film Festiva: To Catch A Thief

Cary Grant’s John “The Cat” Robie is a retired burglar enjoying his retirement on the French Riviera. Problem is, there’s a new Cat in town, plundering jewels from the ritziest hotels with utter abandon. Robie’s old gang, trying to run a gourmet restaurant (!), is furious at him for bringing them under police scrutiny, and so our hero must trap the Cat and clear his name. Enter Grace Kelly’s Frances, who might be the perfect bait to catch a thief… or the Cat herself. Hitchcock’s suspenseful rom-com is perfectly irresistible, a visually stunning confection of sexual chemistry, humor, and suspense. This first installment kicks of the Hitchcock Film Fest at The Heights. THURS, 7:30 PM. $12.

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