Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, Julien Baker – The Wild Hearts Tour at Surly Festival Field

TUES. 8/9 6 PM. $50. 18+.

The trio that headlines this remarkable collaboration tour share several qualities—they’re celebrated singer-songwriters, guitarists, and likely to be included in your average Sad Grrl Spotify playlist. But it’s their unique voices and musical approaches that make this tour so noteworthy. Sharon Van Etten is the most expansive, perhaps, pairing seductive vocals with harmonies and soul-thumping rhythms. Angel Olsen’s voice somehow registers soft and rough at the same time, and her dreamy vibe merges with the country genre in her latest album, Big Time. Julien Baker shares astonishingly honest narratives in her stripped-down songs: The listener can feel Baker experiencing her emotions in real time. The three together produce a powerhouse of lyrical, instrumental, and musical prowess that will be a complete gift to listen to in one night.

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