Revolutionary: The feminine perspective beyond 50

FRI. 2/17 6-8 PM. Free.

To showcase the revolutionary act of continuing their artistic practice, accomplished artist, illustrator, graphic novelist, and Fox Foxerson columnist Christi Furnas has curated a wonderful and wonderfully rich group exhibition, Revolutionary: The feminine perspective beyond 50 opening at Fresh Eye Gallery. 
“Feminine artists who continue their journey for a lifetime, despite being undermined by the larger arts community, speaks to their tenacity and strength,” says Furnas. “Their will to overcome, to continue to create beauty and inspire our souls—this is what I want to showcase.” With 35 women and femme artists ranging in age from 50 to 92 contributing to the show, Revolutionary contains multitudes, especially in the art pieces themselves—everything from paintings and prints to sculpture, jewelry, textiles, mixed media, and mosaics—but also notably in the lead-up discussion, the exhibition also contains ample amounts of excitement for large roster of seasoned artists.