Prom Night and Road Games

FRI. 10/28 7 PM, 9 PM. $8. All ages.
No one does scary quite like Jamie Lee Curtis. Catch her earning the title of scream queen in 1981’s Road Games and 1980’s Prom Night. In Road Games, a long haul trucker, played by Stacey Keach, teams up with Curtis’s hitchhiker to find a misogynistic serial killer in the backroads of Perth, Australia. Shot across the open land of Australia, think of this as an 80s Rear Window. In Prom Night, whatever bad prom night you might have had is put to shame as Curtis and her prom group is stalked by a revenge-driven mysterious murderer. Road Games starts at 7, Prom Night starts at 9, and neither are movies you want to miss.

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