Pkew Pkew Pkew with Loss Leader + The Right Here

TUES. 8/23 8 PM. $14-16. 18+.

“Tell the truth, do you think it’s too late for me to age gracefully?” Carrying the torch for punk pop growing up with power chord- and hook-filled songs like ‘Mid-20s Skateboarder’, ‘Drinking Days’, and the WI-based ode ‘The Polynesian’, Toronto’s Pkew Pkew Pkew continues to fight responsible adulthood with whole batch of new songs like ‘Safety Last’, ‘Drinking in the Park’, and the timely ‘Asshole Pandemic’. They’ll be joined for a joyous celebration of former glory with the equally raucous locals Loss Leader (one of the most fun pop punk bands in town) and The Right Here.

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