More Tuesday 8/22

jeremy messersmith at Twin Spirits Distillery

TUES. 8/23 5-9:30 PM. $30-40. All ages.

As one of Minnesota’s most well-known artists, jeremy messersmith showcases his storytelling abilities through a mix of indie, pop and folk songs on Twin Spirits Distillery’s patio.

Bellows + Nat Harvie + The Nunnery at Icehouse

TUES. 8/23 8 PM. $12-15.

Unconventional indie artist Bellows, lush experimental producer Nat Harive, and atmospheric improvisationalist The Nunnery will bring a night of pop music to Icehouse.


TUES. 8/23 various times. $8.

Before the Trylon’s Nic Cage summer series starts to wrap up, watch Nic Cage as Sailor, a recently released prisoner who’s about to reunite with his lover—and meet the assassin her mother hired to kill him.

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