More Tues // 1/17

The Not-So-Silent Planet: An Evening of Undeath

TUES. 1/17 8 PM. $10-$15.

The open mic Not-So-Silent Planet returns to Strike Theater for an Evening of Undeath. Listen in or sign up to present a 5-7 minute talk on a world we’ve never been to.

Artificial Forge – An evening on AI image platforms.

TUES. 1/17 5:30 PM.

Between TikTok filters, IP debates, and more, new AI image platforms have become a controversial topic. Listen in and join in conversation on AI art ethics, prompt engineering philosophy, and more at REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory, hosted by REM5 STUDIOS and Hal Lovemelt.

Eat My Words Taproom Book Sale

TUES. 1/17 6-9 PM.

Support a local bookstore and save money on beer at StormKing and Eat My Words’ book sale. Buy a book and get $2 off your first beer.