More Thurs // 3/9

Come and Get Your Bock Poked!

THURS. 3/9 5-8 PM.

Go to Eden Prairie’s Pizza Luce to try your hand at the returning trend of bock poking—putting a hot poker in your beer to warm it up and carmelize the flavors. Stick around for games and prizes.

Minnesota United FC’s Bangers-Only Ball

THURS. 3/9 6 PM. $27. 18+.

While the opportunity to use a soccer ball pun was ignored, it’ll still be a great time at First Avenue’s Mainroom where Social Animals and Kiss the Tiger will play nothing but bangers.

120 Minutes Band & Trompe le Monde (Pixies tribute)

THURS. 3/9 8 PM. 21+. $10-$15. 21+.

Go to Uptown VFW for your favorite throwback hits from 120 Minutes who cover everyone from Radiohead to Sonic Youth and Trompe le Monde, a Minnesotan Pixies tribute band.