MORE THURS // 10/13

of Montreal with Locate S,1

THURS. 10/13 8:30. $22-37. 18+.

Get lost in a sea of isolation and uncertainty (but like, in a cool way) at of Montreal’s show at the Fine Line with genre-fluid pop artist Locate S,1.

Ladybrain Presents: Our Most Deranged Ideas

THURS-SAT. 10/13-10/15 7 PM. $15-20.

Get inside the twisted minds of Ladybrain by way of sketch comedy featuring Muppet martial arts, murder advice, and more.

Matt Maeson

THURS. 10/13 7 PM. $25-30. All ages.

With his latest album Never Had to Leave being deemed ‘aggressively sexy,’ Matt Maeson is ramping up to play at First Avenue’s Mainroom.


THURS-SUN. 10/13-10/16. Pay as you are. 16+.

Catch the one-woman show starring and featuring the life of classic pianist, Sara Davis Buechner, who one of the first transgender women to transition during her career.

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