Lydia Liza | Bethany Larson | Cassandra Cole – at the 331 Club

SAT. 10/1 10 PM. Free. 21+.

Lydia Liza, Bethany Larson, and Cassandra Cole will be taking the stage at Northeast Minneapolis’s favorite live music bar, The 331 Club. Lydia Liza has gained notoriety in recent years for her many features and collaborations as a songwriter for local and national artists, including Jeremy Messersmith, Rhymesayers artists, Toki Wright and the Big Cats, and more. Bethany Larson brings her twang-infused country a la Lucinda Williams to the bill, showcasing her guitar abilities with the help of her band, The Bee’s Knees. Coming off of her debut album, Steps, Cassandra Cole has made a name for herself with her intense guitar, unguarded ballads, and lyrically honest music. Get to the 331 early to snag a drink and enjoy the music.

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