HERE BEFORE – Woodcuts and Drawings by Mike Marks

FRI. 9/16 11 AM. Free.

Mike Marks is a Minnesota based printmaker boasting permanent collections at distinguished museums such as the Walker Art Center and Minneapolis Institute of Art. His newest collection, HERE BEFORE – Woodcuts and Drawings by Mike Marks, explores the connection between memory and landscape. Using a combination of printmaking and drawing, Marks’ work conveys a sense of fragile nostalgia. Hand-carved woodcuts representing photographs are layered with paper drawings, creating a visual reminder of the delicate balance between our memory of a landscape and the impermanence of that landscape. Marks’ birthplace in mountainous West Virginia is reflected throughout this collection, interspersed with nods to his later residence in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. The collection is a wistful remembrance of places loved and lost.

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