Get Lucky 2023 at SooVAC

FRI-SAT. 1/27-1/28. $40-$60.

The annual Get Lucky art auction is a bit of a paradox: The intimate dual display areas at SooVAC don’t have the footprint or publicity of its ultra-hip national counterparts, but SooVAC nonetheless has long acted as an in-the-know launching pad for generations of the next big thing in art scenes across the country and even the globe. It’s the same with the yearly fundraiser—how many outside SooVAC regulars and the diehards of the Minneapolis-St.Paul art scene are aware that Get Lucky presents both a rare (and potentially affordable!) opportunity to own a piece from notable artists and partake in one of the most fun mix-and-mingle, see-and-be seen scenes of the entire social calendar. It’s such a significant party that this year the Visual Art Center has broken it up into two nights, and it’s while it’s worth going both nights, it’s also worth it to prep by scanning the items ahead of time and monitoring your bids throughout the weekend, since those artists likely won’t remain “emerging” for very long.