Friday 8/12 // Also Good

Medusa at The Main Cinema

FRI. Starts 8/12. $7.

Fueled by feminine fury, a group of masked vigilantes seek out and attack the sinners around them in Medusa which premieres this Friday.

Non-Canonical at MirrorLab

FRI. 8/12 6-8 PM. 

Set your sights on an exhibition featuring the work of artists Christopher Alday and Josh Bindewald at MirrorLab in Minneapolis.

P.O.P at 50th & France: Dan Israel / Mayda

FRI. 8/12 5-8 PM. Free.

Performances on the Plaza are back this summer. Singer-songwriter Dan Israel, R&B/pop artist Mayda, and local high schoolers take the stage this evening.

Closing Party with Cey Adams!

FRI. 8/12 5-8 PM.

The end of legendary graffiti artist Cey Adams’ exhibition at NewStudio is here. Celebrate the exhibit with Cey over drinks, performances and conversation.

Annie and The Bang Bang, Cindy Lawson and The Return of the Boot R&B

FRI. 8/12 6 PM. $20.

Rocker Cindy Lawson and band, the genre-bending rock band Annie and the Bang Bang, and the Boot R&B take the stage at Palmers for a night of rock and roll.

Lakeside Guitar Festival

FRI-SAT. 8/12-8/13. 6 PM. Free. 

This free, community-focused festival highlights local and international artists, as well as encourages collaboration between musicians.

Pleezer at Icehouse – Blue/Pink Full Album Show!

FRI. 8/12 9 PM. $10-12.

Weezer fans gather round—the tribute band Pleezer will perform the entirety of both Blue Album and Pinkerton.

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