Elyse Jones Canvas Album Release + Ashley DuBose + Allie Mcintosh

THURS. 9/22 8 PM. $20-22.
The multi-genre Elyse Jones recorded eight new songs for her upcoming album Canvas during this past summer. It’s a collective of songs with a mix of soul/R&B and pop, as well as a few nostalgic, ‘80s and ‘90s inspired tunes with 21st century lyrics concerning women’s rights and social justice. While most will have to wait til 2023 to hear the album, ticket holders for the album release celebration can have access to the album now. Joining the party comes Ashley DuBose (you may know her from season 5 of The Voice, or her single ‘Intoxicated’), and 16-year-old wunderkind Allie Mcintosh who’s a singer/songwriter and concertmaster of MacPhail Youth Chamber Orchestra.

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