Eastside Skatepark Fundraiser, VOL 2

SAT. 11/5 7 PM. $20.

There’s nothing like a win-win when it comes to a good cause! Not only does the Eastside Skatepark Fundraiser follow-up raise funds for the Eastside Skatepark Taskforce’s proposed location at York Ave & Payne Ave, but it also gives beer-drinking skate supporters the opportunity to have a night of all-you-can-drink Hamm’s for one Andrew Jackson. As if that wasn’t already a great party, the entertainment from DJ Chef Soundz, string-picker Devil Dodger, and high octane rockers SuperModified along with the opportunity to grab an Eastside Skatepark Hoodie (likely one of the best merch grabs of 2022) make more like a championship season.

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