Cozy, Featuring New Works By Terrence Payne In October

SAT. 10/8 7 PM. Free.

Minnesota artist Terrence Payne’s newest exhibition explores feeling safe and secure in an environment that feels increasingly dangerous and uncertain (looking at you pandemic, climate change, ever-deepening political divide, and all of the other issues our society is reckoning with). The name of the collection, Cozy, is a collection of oil pastel drawings that delve into the collective anxiety and trauma our society is enduring. Payne draws on his observations of community and social relationships that folks use not only to define their own identity, but to steer their peers in toward the individual’s line of thinking. Rosalux Gallery was founded in 2002 and is Minnesota’s “longest running collective art gallery.” Its mission is to uplift artists and showcase their work in the format that best suits the artist’s medium and intent. Cozy’s opening night offers a gallery tour and artist talk with Payne.

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