Ever wanted to capture some of that Death On the Nile energy? You’re in luck. Fearless Comedy presents the latest installment of their Mystery On the Mississippi series. Part theater, part social event, attendees float down the river on the Jonathan Padleford while helping solve a murder mystery. The interactive

Minnesota country legend Sherwin Linton celebrates his 84th birthday at Crooners by paying tribute to one of his great friends, The Man In Black. Though he is careful to make the distinction between buddies (see 1971’s Hello, I’m Not Johnny Cash), Linton is certainly on this state’s Mount Rushmore of

DISPATCH offers up a six-pack of tried and true seasonal entertainment options to make the most of our all-too-short summer season.  Fourth of July always feels like a turning point of summer, but don’t fret—there’s still plenty of summertime left in Minneapolis-St.Paul! The trick is not to let indecision (“I

A little terrier named Max (voiced by Patton Oswalt) gets a little neurotic and protective when a new human child enters the picture. After a trip to the doggie shrink, Max and his family visit a farm where he encounters an intimidating sheepdog named Rooster (voiced by Harrison Ford in

Utepils Brewing and Graymatter Studios team up to present the 7th annual Artepils celebration. Also running Saturday, the festival brings together several visual artists and rootsy-leaning bands to pair with your brews. FRI 7/21, 12 PM, Free, All Ages

Laurie Kilmartin is an open book. Over the course of her 30-plus years in comedy, we’ve heard her discuss everything from the birth of her son (and raising him as a single mom), coping with the death of her parents, and the unequal treatment of women in the world of

The bluegrass, jazz, and chamber music mixture of Barbaro comes to the Bands on the Boulevard series at the Minnesota History Center. Just back from an appearance at the Blue Ox Festival during a busy summer, the band will be a breath of fresh air overlooking beautiful downtown St. Paul.

Want to feel like you’re living inside of a Lisa Frank fever dream? Hallucinations become reality, thanks to the magic of Unicorn World. Two days full of all things unicorns: You can meet unicorns (animatronic ones. Real ones are too expensive to go on tour), ride unicorns, take pictures with

It doesn’t really matter that much to Chris Fleming. “It” being everything from how you classify his comedy, to his own gender identity. A YouTube phenom with over 77 million views, Fleming is probably best known for his bonkers web series, Gayle, where he plays a high-strung suburban mom named—you

Cribbage fans: you’ll want to read Fulton’s official cribbage Facebook event listing to get your fill of cribbage puns. You’ll also want to pony up to Fulton for their monthly cribbage tournament! The game’s a double elimination tournament style. BYOB(oard) for free entry and the chance at prizes, which are