Seeking a Fitzgerald-era St. Paul spot? Look no further. The corner of Selby and Western is the king of all patios and the best place to get a taste of old-school St. Paul high society. For a special occasion—which, really, can be any occasion—hang, W.A. Frost’s Garden Patio is one of the

Hot Chip’s 2022 album, Freakout/Release, provides just what its name suggests: An invitation to get freaky to their music and experience the release of body and soul that dancing to great music provides. The British electro-soul band manages mercilessly dancey songs, often balanced with a good dose of mood and

Meet the team who thinks spooky szn should be year-round. WORDS BY PATRICK STRAIT There is no wrong time of the year to be scared. Or so says the gang at Nowhere Haunted House. Equipped with everything from your haunted house staples, such as zombies and killer clowns, to more

With an overwhelming amount of things to do and see this weekend, DISPATCH wanted to help by putting a bunch of highlights in one handy place. Here are some picks worth a look for Art-A-Whirl weekend. Solar Arts at Art-A-Whirl® Solar Arts Building, 711 NE 15th Ave, Mpls – Friday

Black Fashion Week celebrates its sixth year with emerging and established designers, big-name brands, and a Minneapolis Met Gala at the Mia. WORDS BY KATIE DOHMAN The sixth year of Black Fashion Week is here, and it’s bigger than ever, promises Natalie Morrow, founder and CEO of Black Fashion Week.

It’s the 10th annual Indie Bookstore Day! Pick up a passport and track your travels around the Twin Cities’ best page-turning shops. The last Saturday in April is Independent Bookstore Day and Twin Citizens are historically a well-read bunch. Thankfully, we have a large number of brick-and-mortar bookhouses still standing.

For the upcoming January Issue #16, DISPATCH is highlighting some of our favorite guitar players from around Minneapolis-St. Paul! And to give readers a chance to see some of the selections work their magic up and down the fretboard, DISPATCH presents the first in a new series called Amplified. Join

By Katie Dohman It’s 10 a.m. mountain time and frontwoman for the six-piece band Seratones, AJ Haynes, is in her hotel room in Denver, eating breakfast. She just played a fundraiser the night before as a stop on her band, the Seratones’ tour in support of their latest disco- and

The agony, the joy, the suffering, the success . . . putting art out into the world is never an easy thing. But how is it after the fact, when what you make has been out there for awhile? On the one-year anniversary of the release of his lauded work