Looking to do some consumer advocacy to support the people of Ukraine? The Ukrainian Center in Northeast does a wildly popular Lenten fish fry that comes with or without pierogis—and they’re collecting money to help humanitarian relief. St. Paul Brewing has a Ukrainian-style lager in the works to raise funds for Unicef and We Are Alight (fka American

Tired: Vogue magazine doing a puff piece on the wildly unpopular Mayor of Minneapolis right before the police department under his supervision and support killed another innocent Black man. Wired: Teen Vogue following up with an op-ed by City Council Member Robin Wonsley Worlobah that calls for the newly re-elected Mayor to resign. And as a

Is Minneapolis a “hell hole”? It’s certainly no Paris. Or Philadelphia. Where would late-night star-crossed lovers even serendipitously meet—the Light Rails basically don’t run after bar close and no one serves food after 11 PM. Mike Max, the sports reporter on WCCO TV who also appears on WCCO radio, caused

How could a high profile fashion magazine like Vogue possibly gaslight a big chunk of MPLS? Do a lengthy fawning profile of Mayor Jacob Frey. The write-ups, which will be in March print, includes a lot of fun personal tidbits—his legit accomplishments as a competitive runner, his parents were both modern ballet

Talk of the Towns“The Kenwood demanding a brunch menu at 4pm on a Thursday” is our fav answer to the question “If you live in Minneapolis where was the last time you saw this couple?” (J-Law and Timothy Chalemet in Don’t Look Up).  Also, you know things are getting wild out there when The Guthrie

Arts & Culture scenes are made by the people who, well, make them. And this year seems like we’ve been paying too many tributes to folks who are no longer with us. Few people have been as essential to our blooming food scene as Jack Reibel. He was the executive

We’re glad that no one was hurt when Hennepin County Sheriff Dave “Hutch” Hutchinson got loaded at a Sheriff work event post-party, then sped home, and then had a major crash. And, yeah, he’s gotta resign, c’mon. But we really want to hone in on the fact that Hutch had