C4W:2022 – Pinky Promise curated by Jamie Owens

FRI. Begins 9/9. $7-10.

Curated by multi-disciplinary artist and designer Jamie Owens, Pinky Promise pushes back against the commonly accepted notions of what art should be. True to its name, the guest curator selects a collection of art that runs the ‘Gamut’ of the visual art spectrum. This collection is open to all entries from artists across North America and Mexico, regardless of experience or medium, and it’s not constrained by a theme. This collection focuses on unapologetic, youthful exuberance with a vibrant mix of colors to evoke the “playful and sentimental energy of Pinky Promise.” Visit the exhibit opening day to vote for a Best in Show artist and enjoy music by DJ Superbrush. An art talk on Sept. 21 and a collaborative art night that encourages artists of all skill levels to create in a space together also be featured during this exhibition.

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